We are the largest hotel corporation and the one with the longest track record in Guatemala, with over 58 years of experience in the market. Our family is comprised of 6 hotels located in strategic areas all throughout Guatemala and three hotels in Belize as well. Despite the short time in the market for some of our hotels, they are backed by the consistency and dependability that have always characterized us in all aspects of each individual hotel.

When you make a reservation with us, you will set out on a journey that goes beyond a mere stay, since by staying in any of our hotels, you will be able to enjoy activities such as leisure swimming in our pools, working out at the gym, relaxing for a while in our outdoors recreational areas, as well as enjoying first rate restaurants and room service from our highly trained staff. Live the Camino Real Corporation experience today!



The history of The Westin Camino Real begins in Guatemala more than half a century ago. It is not only the oldest brother, but the biggest as well for it has the greatest guest capacity among our hotel family members belonging to the Marriott chain, one of the largest hotel chains in the world. One of the factors that make The Westin Camino Real so iconic and popular in Guatemala is its architecture, which has turned us into one of the main landmarks in the “Zona Viva”. The Westin Camino Real Guatemala, despite being an executive class hotel, always goes the extra mile. This means we do not corner ourselves into a routine. We have several recreational areas, such as the pool, gym and tennis courts among others. Staying at The Westin Camino Real Guatemala is a refreshing experience. You will leave feeling better than when you came. Make your reservation here!


Hotel Camino Real Antigua arises from the need of having a foothold in the colonial city as a hotel for executives.

Since its opening in the colonial city, Hotel Camino Real Antigua has gradually changed the notion that Antigua Guatemala is a strictly tourist place to rest in, or where to attend social events and hold weddings. Now, people are looking at it as the perfect leisure destination, taking advantage of all the mysticism that permeates the city. It is a serene and intimate hotel located in the historic center of Antigua. Its structure is mainly shaped by gardens which spark off a cozy setting. On the other hand, Antigua is a gastronomical destination in Guatemala and Hotel Camino Real Antigua is one of the main landmarks. Live an unparalleled moment in the colonial city by staying at Hotel Camino Real Antigua


Biltmore is a brand that originated completely in Guatemala. Its concept is fully executive, aimed at people on business trips, who go out to work all-day. Therefore, its amenities are mainly room service, laundry service, computer room, transportation services and first rate Wi-Fi. This makes us an affordable and comfortable hotel for any person who stays with us. At Hotel Biltmore you will be able to relax in comfort after a hard day of work. We are waiting for you with open doors!


Holiday Inn is another of our executive class hotels which provides a wide range of amenities and exclusivity, since it is part of the InterContinental Hotel Group chain, better known as IHG. It is well ranked in the national and international markets in regard to price. It has its own restaurant, bar, pool and a basic gym, for those who are traveling but do not want to interrupt their work out routines. It also has several rooms to hold events with a good capacity. If you are looking for combining your work day with moments of pleasure and comfort at a hotel with a unique feel of serenity, make your reservation at Holiday Inn.


Camino Real Tikal is located in the heart of the Maya world, within a natural reserve that offers a totally different experience to its guests. At Hotel Camino Real Tikal we want to provide a space where to enjoy all the singularities from fauna and flora. It has a private beach on the shore of Lake Peten Itza. as well as a pool, jacuzzi, Maya saunas and a first rate restaurant area. It is located about 45 minutes from the Maya World International Airport, away from the urban part of Peten, which makes it the perfect tourist destination to enjoy a well-deserved rest. Allow yourself to be amazed again and book a room at Hotel Camino Real Tikal!


Hotel De Patio breaks all traditional conventions of staying at a hotel. Based on the concept of bed-and-breakfast, it is characterized by a cozy, homelike, family setting. It is strategically located a few meters from Lake Petén Itzá, three minutes away from the Maya World International Airport, two minutes away from the Island of Flores and less than an hour away from Tikal. It has a pool, a restaurant and it provides high speed Wi-Fi. Hotel Del Patio meets the needs of the traveler with its service and all around professionalism. Make contact with the heart of the Maya World by staying at Hotel del Patio!


SunBreeze Suites is situated in the laid back beach town of San Pedro, on the popular Ambergris Caye. At our front door, the festive streets of town welcome you to join in the fun, and out our back door, you are just a few steps from the Caribbean Sea and the largest Barrier Reef in the Western Hemisphere (a UNESCO world heritage site).

SunBreeze Suites is comprised of twenty comfortable one bedroom vacation suites overlooking the beautiful blue sea. Each comes with a private balcony from where you can enjoy breath-taking sunrises, refreshing cool sea-breezes and romantic moonlight nights. It is within walking distance to grocery stores, entertainment centers, local and gourmet restaurants, banks, fruit shops, cafes, and Belizean art galleries.


As one of the most recognized names in the Belize Hotel Industry, The BEST WESTERN Plus Belize Biltmore Plaza is the ideal place to stay in Belize City. Conveniently located just 10 minutes from both the International Airport and the local Belize City Municipal Airport, the hotel is well known for its commitment to high-quality service plus an extensive array of amenities. With a total of 90 guest rooms, an onsite Biltmore Bistro Restaurant, fitness center and outdoor pool with relaxing courtyard, the hotel has everything you need for a comfortable stay regardless of whether you are staying for business or pleasure.


A two storey U shaped Spanish influenced architecture design Belize Hotel where we have created a peaceful oasis for a relaxed Belize Vacation located only a stroll away from the friendly San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye offering 43 conventional hotel rooms featuring 4 room categories, 5 Premier Rooms, 21 Deluxe Rooms, 13 Standard Rooms and 4 Economy Rooms located seafront overlooking the pristine Caribbean Sea.

All our rooms are air condition and spacious. Each equipped with private bathroom, vanity, ceiling fan, cable TV, direct dial telephone, mini refrigerator, working desk and chairs, dresser, hair dryer, safety deposit box, radio/alarm clock and Free Wi-Fi. Iron and Ironing board are available on request. Available on Request: Adjoining rooms (connected by a door), and handicap accessible rooms and family sized room (enjoy additional space to comfortably add at twin bed).

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If you are interested in getting more detailed information about any of the hotels in our corporation, you can get in touch with us by phone or email at the contacts provided below.


The Westin Camino Real
Camino Real Antigua
Camino Real Tikal
Hotel Biltmore
Hotel Holiday Inn
Hotel del Patio
Hotel Sunbreeze
Sunbreeze Suites
Best Western Plus


The Westin Camino Real Telephone: (502) 2333-3000
Camino Real Antigua Telephone: (502) 7873-7000
Camino Real Tikal Telephone: (502) 7794-3000
Hotel Biltmore Telephone: (502) 2410-5000
Hotel Holiday Inn Telephone: (502) 2421-0000
Hotel del Patio Telephone: (502) 7926-0104
Hotel Sunbreeze Telephone: (501) 226-2191/2345
Sunbreeze Suites Telephone: (501) 226-2191
Best Western Plus Telephone: (501) 223-2302
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En Corporación Camino Real les brindamos la más cordial bienvenida nuevamente a nuestros hoteles. Porque sabemos que nos están confiando un momento importante de su vida, hoy más que nunca estamos comprometidos a proveer espacios seguros que se alienan a los protocolos de bioseguridad gubernamentales para mitigar la propagación del COVID-19.

Hemos cuidado cada detalle y mejorado cada uno de nuestros estándares en cada una de nuestras diferentes áreas.


Medidas al Ingreso

El ingreso de toda persona a las propiedades se les debe de tomar la temperatura; ya sea visitante, colaborador o proveedor.
Agradecemos se tome un momento para tomar nota de todas las indicaciones a la entrada de nuestros hoteles, así como la señalización en paredes, pantallas y pisos. Cabe mencionar que cada área de nuestros hoteles está debidamente señalada con los protocolos de bioseguridad.
Es obligatorio el uso de mascarilla en todo momento en cualquiera de las áreas del hotel.

Para mitigar la propagación del COVID-19
recomendamos a todos los visitantes y asociados
lavarse las manos con frecuencia por más 20 segundos. Asimismo hacer uso del gel antibacterial, los cuales están ubicados en puntos estratégicos en las áreas públicas de nuestros hoteles.



Distanciamiento Físico y Social

Según las recomendación del Ministerio de Salud Pública y Asistencia Social de Guatemala, el anexo 17 “Consideraciones para el uso de hoteles durante la pandemia COVID-19” elaborado el 18 de mayo de 2020, se establece que el distanciamiento social debe ser de al menos 1.50 metros entre cada persona.

El distanciamiento aplica también en uso de sillas y mesas en cualquier área de nuestros hoteles, tanto en áreas públicas como privadas.
Uso de barreras de plexiglás en áreas de atención al huésped y cliente; y señalización de distancia.


Limpieza General en Todas las Áreas de Nuestros Hoteles

En todas las áreas públicas de los hoteles de Corporación Camino Real, se han implementado rigurosos protocolos de limpieza con productos altamente confiables para la desinfección de superficies. La frecuencia de limpieza se debe realizar por lo menos cada 60 minutos o según la demanda. Adicional hemos implementado el uso de tecnología avanzada como lo son los rociadores electrostáticos y pulverizadores manuales con sanitizante de grado hospitalario.


Atención a Nuestros Huéspedes y Visitantes
Brindamos a todos nuestros huéspedes y visitantes las medidas necesarias para mitigar la transmisión del COVID-19. En áreas de contacto al cliente (Lobby, restaurante, y centros de acondicionamiento) se han implementado barreras de plexiglás, toallitas desinfectantes, desinfección de equipaje o equipo del cliente, uso de gel, señalización de distanciamiento y material informativo.




Cuidado en Habitaciones

Todas las habitaciones de nuestros hoteles cuentan con cuidados y atenciones adicionales a las ya existentes para brindar una experiencia aún más segura.


Todo el personal de ama de llaves está capacitado con los nuevos protocolos al ingresar a las habitaciones las cuales son: desinfección de todos los artículos de alto contacto que tienen los huéspedes, uso de rociador electrostático, uso de equipo de protección personal, ajuste del modelo de limpieza según la elección del huésped a su ingreso (sin servicio, servicio limitado o servicio completo) y toallitas húmedas.


El ingreso de personal del hotel a las habitaciones (ama de llaves, servicio a la habitación, spa o mantenimiento) debe ser bajo solicitud del huésped y su presencia debe ser la necesaria. Los asociados deben de cumplir los protocolos de seguridad al momento de su ingreso a la misma.



Seguridad En Alimentos y Bebidas

En Corporación Camino Real todo el personal que manipula y supervisa el servicio de alimentos y bebidas, está altamente capacitado en la preparación de alimentos de una manera segura. La operación en bares y restaurantes constantemente realiza auditorias para verificar que los nuevos estándares se cumplan a cabalidad, tales como: limpieza de todas las superficies cada hora o menos, cubertería empacada individualmente, condimentos de un solo uso, reducción de capacidad de comensales, pago sin contacto, menús digitales, etc. En adición, se promueve entre nuestros huéspedes el servicio a la habitación o para llevar.






Para los hoteles que prestan este servicio, las reuniones e inspecciones a las propiedades deben de realizarse virtualmente. El material colateral debe ser digital: menús, mapas, factsheets, cotizaciones, etc. Todos los salones están debidamente identificados con los protocolos del área y capacidades según la nueva normalidad. Todos los asociados que atiendan o monten eventos deben de cumplir con el uso de equipo de protección personal.
Recomendamos evitar el uso de mantelería,
promocionales, decoración de mesas y exhibiciones.

Incrementamos las estaciones de alimentos para evitar
aglomeraciones; asimismo los artículos del menú estarán empacados individualmente y porciones individuales listas para que sus invitados las recojan.




Centros de Acondicionamiento, Spa, Piscina y Jacuzzi

Es de suma importancia que todos nuestros huéspedes cumplan los protocolos recomendados en cada una de las áreas. Cada área cuenta con la información debida según la naturaleza del lugar. Todas las áreas se desinfectarán luego de su uso. Tapetes, estaciones de auto servicio, mantas, amenidades, se han retirado de los espacios públicos.

El servicio de spa, piscina y jacuzzi estarán disponibles según las regulaciones gubernamentales. El uso de estos servicios será por medio de reservación previa. Todos los protocolos de limpieza y seguridad previamente descritos se aplican a estas áreas y servicios del hotel.

Cada día que pasa estamos más cerca de volvernos a encontrar y así poder seguir brindándoles la mejor experiencia con la mayor seguridad posible.